Our Loan Process

1 . Get in Touch

We offer a trusted, knowledgeable service, to discuss your needs and work out how we can help you.

2. Needs Analysis

We need to identify and document your circumstances, needs, incomes, assets and liabilities, your goals and future plans and intentions. If you want to buy, where and what that location might be, and what repayment amount you believe you are able and/or willing to manage.

3. Preparation

Research potential finance solutions to best fit your needs. If applicable identify potential property via Property Reports for consideration.

4. Review Meeting

Meet together, review your specific needs, map out strategy, discuss alternatives and decide on way forward. If applicable help you get the Pre-Approval or complete Loan Process.

5. Loan Application

We process loan application and manage every aspect from beginning through to completion. In the case of property purchases support clients with property valuation reports and keep in touch.

6. Relax while we Guide

We liaise with real estate agents, settlement agents, lenders, and insurance provider where we “hold your hand” throughout the whole process – as if it were our own purchase. If you need to do anything – we’ll let you know.

7. Post Settlement

Following settlement we assist you with on-boarding with lender onto their netbanking system, to personalise your banking and checking to ensure that everything is setup as intended. We are available 24/6 for more of the same trusted support you may want and have become accustomed to.

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