Your Moving Checklist

Have You Advised Everybody?

When moving house, there are several things that need to be done in order to prepare for your new home and make a smooth transition from your current home. Tick the items off as you go


Electricity “off” at old address

Electricity “on” at new address

Gas “off” at old address

Gas “on” at new address

NBN/Internet “off” at old address

NBN/Internet “on” at new address

Telephone “off” at old address

Telephone “on” at new address

Pay TV changeover

Mobile phone provider

Magazine Subscriptions

Newsagent (final delivery date)

Get quotes for removalists and book a removalist most suited to your needs

Disassemble any larger items, e.g. beds and furniture

Clean out fridge and pantry and defrost the fridge and freezer

Organise packing materials, e.g. boxes, bubble wrap and pack belongings into boxes

Label boxes clearly with room destination and mark items to be handled with extra care

Government Departments

Post Office (redirect mail for a period)

Electoral Office (form from Post Office)

Centrelink, Medicare and ATO

Department of Transport – Car, Boat, Trailer Rego & Driver’s Licence

Financial & Legal

Bank (Accounts, Credit Card) & Credit providers

Hire Purchase & Leasing Co’s.

Property Insurance Co.

Car Insurance Co.

Life Insurance Co.

Shares, Investment

Super Fund(s)

Insurance providers & Health Insurance Provider


Family and friends




Baby Health Centre

Other Health Professionals

Child Care Centre or Kindergarten

Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Schools

Sporting Clubs & Gym


Pool, Lawnmowing and Maintenance Services Contractors

Local Council – Dog Licence & Rego

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