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Protect yourself, your family and loved ones. Everyone has a need for an affordable, secure financial safety net and everyone’s needs are different.

Life Insurance

Protects your family’s future and provides options in the event of your death, or if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Life Insurance provides your loved ones with a lump sum payment that can help their financial security, allow your family to keep their home, provide for various needs like future cars, children’s education, and allow your partner to continue as you had planned.

Total Permanent Disability Insurance (TPD)

A serious injury or illness can make it difficult or impossible for you to continue working, so it’s important to think about how you would support you and your family if something were to happen to you. TPD provides you with a lump sum payment, giving you the means to access the best medical and rehabilitation treatments, and assist you with financial security during this time.

Trauma Insurance (also known as Critical Illness Cover)

A lump sum payment from Trauma Insurance gives you financial security if you become critically ill or injured and require extensive medical treatment to recover your health. It allows you to make financial choices to access the best medical treatment available, pay for your rehabilitation, and cut back on your work hours to concentrate on your recovery.

Income Protection Insurance (IP)

Financial protection if you are temporarily unable to work due to illness or injury. Being sick is tough enough. Provides for your family by paying up to 75% of your monthly income to help you continue living your life and allow you to focus on your recovery. Your ability to earn an income is one of your greatest assets, so it makes sense to protect it. This can help cover your living expenses, such as your mortgage, school fees and car repayments.

Protect your Home & Contents with Home Insurance

Building and Contents Insurance protects homeowners, landlords, against property damage, loss or destruction such as fire, theft, and natural disasters (e.g. floods).

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